Ends on July 31, 2019

The Nasiona is seeking submissions for its series titled "Give Us a Smile.

This project is geared toward stories centered on womanhood and trauma. So long as it has upended your life in significant ways, and triggered unforeseen repercussions on all your choices, it falls under that umbrella. This includes, but is certainly not limited to mental illness, abuse, sexual assault, deep-seated micro-aggressions, family turmoil, cultural turbulence, and everything in between.

Has this aforementioned trauma granted you renewed insight on your childhood? Has it altered the way you approach the future? Are you in the middle of it? In the early stages? Is your trauma long behind you? How have you coped, if at all? Have you reached out and sought help? How has being a woman influenced the attitudes of loved ones and strangers alike, regarding your trauma, and have you internalized those feelings, be it contempt, gentle condescension etc.?

The trauma in question can be old or new, chronic or acute, but should ideally be framed by and explored through the current social and/or political climate(s). Is your trauma shared with women across the globe, and if so, how have you seen it addressed in different societies? How has the recent political virulence changed your understanding of the world, and your significance therein? How has social justice or inequity impacted how you deal with your turmoil?

We are looking for creative nonfiction pieces by traditionally marginalized women whose voices have not often been granted a platform.

Rules for Submissions 

• Stories can be up to 5000 words.

• Work must be original and unpublished.

• All work must be submitted for publication consideration through our Submittable form. Please don’t submit work via email or our contact form.

• Simultaneous submissions are encouraged. If your work is accepted elsewhere, it is your responsibility to immediately notify The Nasiona that your work is no longer available for consideration by leaving a note in Submittable.

• Please edit your submissions before sending them in for consideration.

• Include a cover letter in the cover letter section with your contact information, titles of your submission(s), and bio of no more than 50 words written in the third person.

• Include your name as you would like to see it published and the name of your piece (if multiple pieces, then the first piece) in the title.

• Please ensure your name, email, and telephone number are NOT on your attached piece. Ensure the title of your piece is clear, along with word count in the document.

• Please do not number the pages or use headers and footers.

• Double-space the work and use 12-point font Times New Roman.

• Ensure your piece is in .doc or .docx format.

• Upload author photo as .jpeg or .png format. (Optional.) If we accept your work for publication, we’ll include the image in your bio.

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